Kudos On Our New VIP Tour – Cajun Pride Swamp Tours
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Kudos On Our New VIP Tour

Thanks to Zachary Smallman for his great review  on Google of our new VIP Tour.
Here's what he had to say about us:
11 hours ago
This was amazing! My parents and I had a VIP tour with Brandon and it was the best experience ever in the swamp. I’m from SF so I don’t get to see stuff liken this all of the time, but if you are in New Orleans and want to have some fun, you have to come to Cajun Pride Swamp Tours and you have to get the VIP wristband. It was only my parents and I on the boat with Brandon which allowed us to take our time and see the Gators close up as well as other wild life! This place is more than beautiful and preserved perfectly, and gives you the best experience!!

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